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AVR Studio

Linh Kiện Điện Tử Minh Hà 2012-04-06

Atmel has introduced a new version of its award-winning AVR Studio version 4.The release allows for the development and debugging platform AVR and AVR32, supports many programming and debugging tools for these platforms, contains a built-in compiler C / C + + (GNU GCC).

The release is accompanied by a huge library of ready solutions, including the "firm" set of development tools for the AVR32 Atmel Software Framework, containing the drivers peripherals, software stacks and other tools for AVR32. IDE contains a number of wizards that assist in connecting the right drivers from the Framework, setting the periphery, compile options, etc.
In general, the environment has become a truly comfortable, but ... very volume: more than 500 megabytes of the installation package!
Major changes in this version:
- Built-in assembler is not compatible with the assembler of the AVR Studio 4 (formerly it was called AVR Assembler 2). Old AVRASM declared obsolete and no longer supported. So do not rush to demolish AVR Studio 4;
- The shell AVR Studio is now built on Visual Studio 2010 Shell. Of the benefits: intellisens, less glyuchnost. Among the few drawbacks: the size distribution and brake when it starts.
- The distribution included AVR Software Framework (ASF), which used to be downloaded separately.
- View datashitov on controllers directly from the shell with one click;
- More complete support for rulers and controllers xmega avr32
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